What Your Gift to Missouri Environmental Fund Can Do

For $1 per pay period ($26), you can:

Help remove 50 pounds of trash from a river

Buy tools for a community garden program that works with neighborhood kids, teaching them how to grow, appreciate and market nutritious food

For $2 per pay period ($52), you can:

Provide a year of feed for an American Kestral that was orphaned in the wild, was saved, and is now an educational performer

Furnish one hour of expert training in land protection for a citizen's group or land trust interested in natural areas preservation in their communities

For $3 per pay period ($78), you can:

Provide support for an inner-city middle school student to experience Missouri State Parks, and turn that experience into a lifelong steward of our environment

Provide teachers with tools to better educate their students about natural plant and animal species

For $4 per pay period ($104), you can:

Fund a researcher who is monitoring urban runoff and its impact on neighboring streams

Provide materials to educate the public about water quality runoff issues and how to minimize problems

For $5 per pay period $130), you can:

Buy more garden tools for an inner city community garden, helping low-income families grow food, stabilize and beautify the city

Furnish all classes of a high school with charts and guides about alternatives to commonly used hazardous household products

For $6 per pay period ($156), you can:

Sponsor a significant portion of a low-income, inner-city child's summer camp, introducing him to forests, camping, fishing and the great out-doors

Help cover the costs of an experienced community organizer to help grassroots groups reduce, eliminate, clean up or prevent chemical contamination that threatens their communities' health

For $10 per pay period ($230), you can:

Purchase equipment for a volunteer Stream Team to monitor and report water quality during a year in an area creek

For $15 per pay period ($390), you can:

Install a rainbarrel in a community garden and educate the neighbors about the importance of soil and water conservation while growing healthier food

For $20 per pay period ($520), you can:

Purchase one spotting scope or a pair of high-powered field binoculars for using at various Eagle Days events and bird watching programs throughout Missouri

For $50 per pay period ($1,300), you can:

Sponsor two classes of 15 students from underprivileged areas to a day at the zoo to see spectacular wildlife firsthand, and to gain an insight into the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats