How to give at work

You can expand your employees' philanthropic choices while providing a simple, convenient way to support conservation and healthy communities.

What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving is a means by which employees donate to charitable organizations of their choice, primarily through payroll pledges.

Workplace Giving

Businesses and government agencies partner with the Missouri Environmental Fund to offer employees an environmental choice in their annual workplace giving campaign. Adding an environmental choice to your workplace campaign boosts employee morale, helps establish your workplace as an environmental leader, and protects our natural heritage.

MEF can work with your company/organization to provide speakers, suggest interactive events and volunteer projects with affiliated organizations, and provide other employee engagement opportunities.

MEF allows donors the unique option of making one gift (to be shared among all member groups) or choosing to designate a pledge to one or more MEF member organizations. Employees can check with their payroll offices or with MEF to determine if they have the option to contribute to the Missouri Environmental Fund. A list of participating corporate and public workplaces that run an MEF campaign is found here. If the workplace already runs an MEF campaign, it's as simple as filling out a pledge form.

Why donate via payroll deduction?

Donations through workplace giving enable MEF member organizations to spend less time fundraising and more time working toward a healthier environment. Gifts to MEF are shared among our member groups.

  • Efficiency: Raising funds through payroll deduction in workplace giving campaigns is many times cheaper than direct mail (the most common way environmental groups gain new members). With lower fundraising costs, more money can go to programs and services.
  • Convenience: Once a year donors decide which issues are most important to them. A portion of each paycheck then goes to their favorite charity. They decide where their donation goes and how it is divided.
  • Accountability: MEF member groups' financials are reviewed annually, and they are held to strict accountability standards. This gives our donors peace of mind, knowing their money is being used appropriately. MEF financial reports are available to the public on request; our IRS form 990 is freely available as public record at .

Options & Simplicity

Some workplaces use this pledge form; some enable their employees to e-mail their pledge forms, to optimize environmental efficiency. We can also customize a pledge form to meet your workplace's needs, or MEF can be added to a pledge form that combined federations. Your company can choose when to run a campaign; many use Earth Day (April 22) as an appropriate time to support the environment. Many include MEF in their traditional fall drive times.

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