Green Living Tips

The average U.S. house creates two times more greenhouse-gas emissions than the average car. Get an energy audit of your home. has many resources to help you.

Each day, MEF member organizations educate people about ways to lower our environmental impact. Here are some tips for small changes to your daily life.

Take a Look at the Numbers: To see the changes one person can make, look at these statistics.

  • By giving up bottled water, you save 216 pounds of CO2 emissions a year, and that's only one of the suggestions in Bridging The Gap's 5 Green Things action steps.
  • If all U.S. households received and paid their bills online, it would eliminate more than 800,000 tons of waste each year. The New American Dream can help you stop junk mail, too.
  • Heating water for laundry accounts for nearly 90 percent of the energy used to wash laundry. The Sierra Club asks, " How green is your laundry?"
  • The average U.S. house creates two times more greenhouse-gas emissions than the average car. Audit your home's energy online with Home Energy Saver , or check out the Home Energy Yardstick.
  • Americans throw away almost 100 billion plastic bags each year, and only one to three percent is recycled. Use, and reuse cloth bags! Visit our Canvas Bags page for more information.
  • The James River Basin Partnership encourages properly pumped-out septic tanks. Their " Get Pumped " program has kept 300,000 gallons of septic waste from reaching Missouri's rivers.
  • Slowing down from 75 to 65 miles per hour can reduce your gasoline consumption by 15 percent. Save gas and wear on your car; check out these tips from Consumer Reports

Check out this carbon footprint calculator   from The Nature Conservancy to see your daily impact.

Visit this Environmental Protection Agency site to find out lots more about home energy usage.

Stop Using Straws; find out more from the "No Straws Please" campaign.

Learn lots more about plastic container recycling from the Bottlestore.

See All the Changes You Can Make: These sites summarize the most up-to-date green living tips and include tips for all areas of life.

Know what and where to recycle, including your old electronics . Be moved to manage e-waste better by information from Surplus Exchange.

Check the health qualities of your seafood with this printable guide to buying healthier fish from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Have A Healthier Yard and Garden: To help make your garden and landscaping sustainable, please check out these ideas. The Missouri Prairie Foundation runs the Grow Native program in Missouri, check it out at  The National Wildlife Federation has tips on environmentally-sound gardening .

Make Our Schools Healthier: Here are ways to reduce impact and teach children about environmental awareness through action.

Find videos and safe cleaning training at